Lab R&S

ability to innovate in the service of security.

Laboratory Radar

Innovation in the service of safety.

Research aimed at the development of new products and the perfection of existing products is a fundamental component in the constant evolution of Radar 1957 and in its worldwide success. Toachieve this aim we have invested vast resources in the creation the internal “Radar3 Cube” – Radar Research Resources laboratory.

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We are constantly devising new products and solutions to anticipate and meet the high-performance demands of a rapidly evolving field. We listen to our customers and meet their specific technical needs with experience, reliability, and professionality, while at the same time regularly re-evaluating our existing products as a means of coming up with new creative solutions.


The design phase is fundamental in putting into practice what we have conceptualized, paying special attention to the technical, functional, and structural requirements of a product. To this end we utilize cutting edge techniques such as 3D component imaging, computerized resistance tests, and strict stress tests of raw materials to be used in production.


Before beginning the production phase, we create a pre-series of our products using rapid threedimensional prototyping techniques and high-tech analysis. This allows us to carry out various strict resistance, security, and performance tests, using specific equipment of our own design.

Radar Holsterss

Tested to resist in the most extreme situations

Our holsters are submitted and tests that verify the structural resistance and the sophisticated devices to lock and unlock the weapon. These checks allow to evaluate the performance and certify the inalterability of materials and devices, a fundamental condition for protecting the weapon and those who use it in any environmental context.


Resistenza al caldo


Resistenza al fuoco


Resistenza al freddo


Resistenza all’urto secondo la norma ISO 180:2013
Resistenza all’esposizione alla nebbia salina e/o immersione in acqua salata