Inspired by extreme since 1957

In these 60 years of activity we have used experience and know-how to become official suppliers of prestigious police and armed forces, affirming our brand in the national and international field. This is the story that has contributed over time to make Radar 1957 the company it is today.

A company at the beginning

In 1957 the entrepreneur Gisberto Pellegrini founded Radar1957, initially devoting himself to tanning and leather production, an art that in Tuscany has ancient roots, handed down since the mid-1800s by the Masters Pellettieri. From the meeting of tradition and modern technology, a solid industrial reality is born, able to enhance the craftsman's work by creating functional products of high manufacturing quality.

Extension of production

Thanks to the vision of many entrepreneurial choices, in 1962 the activity extends to the production of hand-finished items for short weapons, ranging from armed forces equipment to accessories for the military, sports and hunting sectors.

Cordura product development

During the '80s, in reaction to changes in the market, the production of short weapon holsters developed in materials alternative to leather like Cordura, able to guarantee better performance requirements. In the following 90s, with the introduction of thermoforming, a flexible production of performing and customizable products began.

Development of products in Kydex

The use of polymeric materials such as ABS and Kydex has allowed us to improve the performance capabilities of the retention systems incorporated in the products, demonstrating once again the ability to adapt the company to new technological discoveries and changes of the market.

Radar in 3 words: experience, evolution, innovation

In recent years production has expanded to injection molding, employing different materials according to needs, such as nylon 6.6, fire-retardant bled PVC, polycarbonate and carbon polymer granules.

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