Production Phases

We follow the whole production process from the choice of the raw material to the delivery.

Production chain

Quality and flexibility are the values
that drive our production process.

Radar 1957 is able to satisfy every type of customer request with a high degree of product quality and reliability, and with absolute respect for production timelines and deadlines. Thanks to differentiation in our production process and our know-how and experience in diverse production methods, Radar 1957 can select the ideal technique for the creation of each individual product. This allows us to offer a high degree of flexibility and quick response time for both small- and industrial-scale production.

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The differentiation of the processes in two production, artisan and industrial chains, has allowed us to satisfy every kind of request respecting the quality and the established times. The production of leather is a fundamental part of our industry and includes handmade craftsmanship with the typical craftsmanship of Made in Italy. The traditional production chain is flanked by the technological-industrial production of high-tech products, suitable for extreme conditions of use. In both production chains we scrupulously follow each processing step, ensuring complete traceability of each process step.


1- Controllo origine

2- Controllo conceria pelle

3- Selezione materie prime

4- Produzione artigianale

5- Prodotto finito

6- Controllo qualità


1- Selezione materie prime

2- Progettazione

3- Produzione industriale

4- Assemblaggio

5- Prodotto finito

6- Test

The pillars of the supply chain


Leather choice

The multi-year knowledge of the finest leather and leathers allows us to choose the breed and type of animal according to the required product, using for example bullskin, ox, cow or leather like crocodile, python, ostrich, lizard, according to different needs.

Choice of polymers

In the same way we dedicate particular care in the choice of polymeric raw materials, verifying the correspondence of the technical characteristics indicated by the supplier. A selection of quality is essential for the production of products with special applications, such as the holsters of the 6657 series.

Advanced artisanal production

The production of leather starts from the selection of the most suitable head of cattle from which to derive the leather. The skin is then subjected to the care of the skilled hands of our Master Pellettieri who make use of advanced techniques, respecting the authentic traditions of craftsmanship.

Technological-industrial production

The long-term know-how allows us to create high performance products in compliance with tight dimensional tolerances, always guaranteeing impeccable performance. The industrial process consists of an injection molding line and a thermoforming line, to use the production method most suited to the required needs.