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RADAR 1957, with its more than 60 years history, has expanded its partnership agreements with the most important national producers of hunting clothes and accessories, to ensure to its customers the best products in continuous technological improvement.At the moment RADAR 1957 distributes a large variety of products which meet the highest quality features in the market by creating two special lines of product: QUEBRACHO and AYRONE.


Our models follow classical lines, modi- fied according to today needs, with an “old style” design, seeking timeless beauty of tra- ditional shapes without giving up practical use, durableness and elegance in details. Master craftsmen work with expert hands each single product, taking care of any step, in accordance with a workmanship refined by a very great experience and by a day by day renovating passion. Our products, strictly “made in Italy”, are re- alized with handicraft methods, using “Vec- chia Toscana” leather, a first-rate quality of skins, processed with natural tanning, to of- fer robustness and practicality advantages to- gether with an austere and tasteful elegance.


The Ayrone range of hunting accessories is designed, planned and distributed by RADAR, a company with 50 years’ experience in the industry, allowing you to head for the hunt with the best possible equipment, affordable by all. Lightweight, practical and functional articles.


Bates is a leadeing producer of shoes for uniformed personnel and has a priority access to the best components and raw materials such as GORE-TEX ® and VIBRAM ®. Innovative materials and continuous improvement in creating the police and uniformed personnel shoes, have made BATES one of the most important companies in this sector.


Pen Defender
DURESS SPRAY - Rechargeable

Pen Defender® is a fabulous ball-pen, produced with military aluminium, which in case of need becomes a powerful defence spray. Both the pen and the spray are rechargeable. In cooperation with Farmadati, Pen Defender® has been classified as a self-rescue tool and it has been encoded in the Pharmaceutical system at the number A912625338 (spray) and A912625326 (refill kit). Pen Defender® can be sold without problems because the 10% content of Oleoresin Capsicum (chilli pepper) excludes it from the list of commons weapons (CEE Directive 1999/45/CE dated 31st May 1999) and of free sale.

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