Radar technical solutions

Sophisticated devices born of the most advanced innovation

What you have in your hands is the result of the work of our research laboratory: a holster equipped with the best innovative solutions to always guarantee high standards of safety and performance. The choice is wide and implemented constantly with systems that prevent accidental spills, regulate the resistance to extraction, facilitate the blocking or the speed of release of the weapon: all can be operated quickly under critical conditions and under stress with easy and instinctive movements.

Automatic security systems

Innovative solutions patented by the Radar Cube research laboratory to increase the performance of the holster that can be activated automatically.

Security Devices

Technical measures to make the holster use more safely operable manually.

Portability System

Innovative solutions patented by the research laboratory Radar Cube to facilitate the port of the holster in multi-position.

Construction solutions

Materials developed and designed by Radar 1957 to better wrap the weapon in the holster.