Automatic security systems

soluzioni con attivazione automatica


Self locking mechanism that locks on the pistol’s bullet ejection port to avoid involontary draw or loosing the gun.


Automatic pistol blocking system in the holster activated only by the weight of the inserted weapon.


The extraction control system that integrates the evolock-s and rollop-s solutions into a single device.

Claw retention system

The retention system consists of two symmetrical hooks that automatically snap when the holster is inserted, locking around the shaft to prevent horizontal movements.

L.E.P. LOCKING ON THE Ejection port

The system of locking the inserted weapon that facilitates the extraction with a simple pressure of the index.


The protection system that controls the extraction and reinsertion of the weapon with just the thumb pressure.

L.T.G. Lock On Trigger Guard

An automatic locking system of the weapon that acts on the trigger guard by means of a lever positioned on the front of the holster body, which can be unlocked by pressing the index finger.

Ll lock Loop

The safety system consists of a rotating lanyard and a pivoting safety device for the release and rapid extraction of the weapon.


Weapon safety system made up of an external automatic closing and manual opening protection strap.

R.L.C. Rotation Lock Cap

Rotation Lock Cap: is a safety device which consist of a polymer hood that protects the release button from unintended activation.
To engage the R.L.C. device you simply rotate the protective hood back over the T-LEP release button.
To dis-engage the safety system the hood is pressed down and foreword.

All Index

The new self-locking safety system that simultaneously releases both LTG and Rotoloop-s, which is activated by a single pressure with the index finger.

S.T.A. Squeeze Thumb Action

Innovative safety system acting on the automatic opening Rotoloop-s strap.


Weapon protection system made up of an external automatic rotating strap controlled by a press-action release lever.