Construction solutions

materials designed to better wrap the weapon in the holster


The exclusive Polym-Plus constructive solution, is a technology of injection of a special polymer of last generation light, non-deformable, indestructible, with mechanical strength and performance superior to normal thermoformed polymers, with different thicknesses according to the most stressed areas. Designed and injected according to the lines of the weapon that it must contain.

Tritech – Trilaminato Termoformato

Tritech is a tri-laminate thermoformed based on the profile of the gun. Outer covering in ballistic Nylon, internal reinforcement in waterproof polyurethane foam, internal covering in impermeable Interlook polyester. Closures, reinforcements and other finishes in Technopolymer. Reinforced edges with high tenacity tape. The non-deformable thermoforming with the lines of the pistol to be contained, facilitates the insertion and the extraction of the weapon, increasing its duration over time, and reduces the overall dimensions of the holster

Premium Leather

Premium Leather is a construction solution that uses only high-grade leather of high thickness, hand-crafted with over 20 steps. The craftsmanship, the “dyeing in barrel”, the materials and the finishes of first quality, give the holster very high performance of sealing, resistance to wear and comfort.

Standard Leather

Standard Leather uses only top quality cowhide leather, hand-worked with thicknesses suitable for the required use and ecologically vegetable tanned. The craftsmanship, the “dyeing in barrel, the materials and the f” top quality initations, give the holster excellent performance of sealing, resistance to wear and comfort.

Multilayer – Cordura Trilaminato

The construction solution Multilayer – Cordura Trilaminato is made by coupling three different materials: external Cordura nylon, internal reinforcement in waterproof polyurethane foam with differentiated thickness according to the final use, internal lining in high resistance fabric. Closures, reinforcements and finishes made of Technopolymers with differentiated compounds according to the needs they are intended for.


The exclusive Polyform construction solution is based on a latest generation, light-weight, non-deformable, indestructible technopolymer, extremely resistant to the most extreme and traumatic stresses. Thermoformed to measure according to the lines of the weapon that must contain.
Polyform is available in different types of external finish:

TECNO LOOK: natural finish of the technopolymer, extremely resistant to impacts, oils, solvents, fire retardant and water-repellent. Lining internally with suede or microfibre or made without lining.

BALISTIC NYLON LOOK:: to the aforementioned exceptional characteristics of the polyform, are added those of the fabric such as Cordura or Balistic Nylon, which offer an external appearance coordinated to the various belts and related accessories to which the holster can be combined .

LEATHER LOOK:: first choice finish in Italian full grain leather tanned with natural vegetable processes, to combine the superior technical characteristics of the polyform with a classic and traditional look, to be associated with the relevant leather belts and accessories .

LEATHER TECH LOOK: finishing in high quality ecological leather, to combine the superior technical characteristics of the polyform with a classic and technological look, for superior resistance and ease of maintenance, to be associated with the relative belts and accessories in leather tech or leather.

Velour – Suede

Velour suede leather, with a velvety external surface with an anti-slip “gripping” effect, is designed to create Concealment holsters for “inside” use. With a special tanning resistant to sweat and water and an internal rear finish that protects the burnishing of the weapon.

Leather Tech – Microfiber

Leather Tech is an ecological leather made with a technologically advanced microfiber. Very similar in structure and appearance to real leather, it stands out for its mechanical resistance, dimensional stability and lightness. Resistant to abrasion and wear and indifferent to water, it is easily washable and permeable to steam.

STRONG & LIGHT – Microfiber

The “strong & light” construction system is the revolutionary new tri laminate material composed of a high-tenacity external leather microfibre with high abrasion resistance, internally reinforced with thermoformable polymer, and lined with microfiber suede, which makes the holster made with this technique lasting over time, protective against the gun, and stable in shape and wearability with a weight saving of approx. 30% compared to classic leather. Thanks to the non-deformable thermoforming of the body holster, it is easy to extract the weapon and reinsert it.


Rubber-Tech is a polyurethane based TPU, combining hardness with excellent mechanical properties such as resistance to abrasion, torsion, traction as well as chemical agents and weather.